The 11th Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO) will be held from 2 to 7 April 2017 in Singapore. The theme for the upcoming APPSNO is Innovation and National Security. The theme allows participants to discuss a broad range of national security issues affected both positively and negatively by rapid change and the resulting need for adaptation.


Leading experts (made up of a combination of local and international speakers) in the domains of cybersecurity, extremism, communication, homeland security, non-traditional security have been invited to share their thoughts and experiences to address broad topics such as:


  1. Innovation and Technology – cyber threats to smart cities, machine learning, and the future of big data in cybersecurity

  2. Resilience in the Post-Truth Era - the divisive impact of fake news, influence operations and information warfare, and new ways of responding

  3. Innovation in Terrorism and Counter-terrorism –community led intervention, tools for assessing violent extremism

  4. Innovation in Strategic Communication – new behavioural insights in health, crime, and economic growth, internal and external communications in crises, changes in social media and communications landscape

  5. Case Studies – artificial intelligence, the role of hackers in national security

The Distinguished Dinner Lecture will discuss the importance of innovation in national security.

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