The 10th Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO) was held from 11 to 15 April 2016 in Singapore.


The theme of the programme was National Security Revisited. The theme permitted a review and revisit of many important domains discussed at previous editions of APPSNOs that have a continued impact on national security.


Leading experts in the domains of extremism, communication, homeland security, non-traditional security were invited to share their thoughts and experiences to address broad topics such as:


  1. Technology and National Security – in particular issues such as new forms of cyber threats, lethal autonomous technology and the governance of the cyber realm

  2. Strategic Communication – with a focus on topics such as nudging and measuring success in communication

  3. Terrorism and Extremism – some issues include CVE in the real and online worlds as well as the evolution of threats and responses since 9/11

  4. Issues that may be future threats to national security



The 10th APPSNO Report can be found here

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