The 9th Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO) was held from 3 to 8 May 2015 in Singapore.


The theme of the programme was Glocalization and National Security. An increasingly globalised world has had specific and particular national security implications. Singapore has continually been a site for this type of “glocalized” interplay. It has had to contend with its unique multicultural complexion while balancing this with the challenge of its need to be a global city owing to stark economic and geopolitical realities.


The issue for Singapore (as well as almost every other nation) was: how can universal influences successfully meld with local flavours across domains ranging from community preparedness and multicultural resilience to national defence, counter-extremism and internal security?


Leading experts in the domains of extremism, homeland security, multiculturalism and communications from around the world were invited to share their experiences and address the following broad topics:

Crisis and strategic communications, with coverage of practical case studies
Radicalisation and terror – in particular, security approaches from the perspectives of various countries in dealing with the threat
Issues pertaining to national identity and integration



The 9th APPSNO Report can be found here


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